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How to Buy and Activate a Phone Number in RingLogix

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Making it easy to add, change and remove phone numbers is one of the core functionalities of RingOS. If you're a current RingLgoix user, follow this tutorial to seamlessly add new numbers to any client account.

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How to Buy and Activate a New Phone Number in RingLogix

New phone numbers are available from all 50 states and over 12600 rate centers. Use our Buy Number wizard to search our carrier’s live inventory and then select and assign numbers to an active service. All new numbers are instantly active. 

Search, Select and Activate New Phone Numbers.

  1. Add or Search for an existing customer. To search for a customer type any customer info in the search field of the Get Started window or after clicking Search on the left grey menu of the Customers section.
  2. Click the Phone Number link on the grey menu
  3. Click the Buy New Number button
  4. Select the Type; Local or Toll Free
  5. Select the State
  6. Select the Rate Center*
  7. Click the numbers you want to purchase
  8. Click Next
  9. Select the Service Type you want to route the numbers to
  10. Select the Destination service
  11. Click Save Changes.

*Note: If the number is for future use or you do not want to use the number yet, you may select No Route - Store in Inventory on the Routing Method drop down menu. ALWAYS test new numbers before publishing them or providing them to your customer.

Once you select the service type and destination service in steps 8-11, the new phone number will be active in the system.

The GIF below demonstrates how to do the above:


If you need additional resources, check out our knowledgebase of tutorials or contact us directly for troubleshooting and help.

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