A phone system in the cloud

Cloud-based Hosted PBX services are growing in popularity for businesses who want the features of a PBX system without the expense of purchasing expensive onsite phone systems.

With white label Hosted PBX services from RingLogix, you get a fully branded Hosted PBX solution you can sell to your customers with the reliability, feature set, and ease of use they’re looking for.

Become your own vendor with our simple-to-use web portals and advanced features, along with unified communication and mobility tools that compete with the best phone systems in the industry.

With White Label Hosted PBX from RingLogix you get:

  • Geo-redundant, multi-tenant PBX
  • Competitive feature set
  • CRM integrations
  • Mobile phone apps
  • Web-based operator consoles
  • Flexible, integrated billing system
  • Automated device configuration
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Hassle-free number porting
  • Great profit margins
  • Access to Hosted Call Center and Hosted IP key system features
  • Support for all popular devices including Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink

How White Label Hosted PBX works

With RingLogix, you get everything you need to sell, deliver, manage, and support a private label, hosted PBX offering. Service, platform, and back-end support are handled by RingLogix and there are no network, infrastructure or carriers to manage.


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Competitive feature set

Competitive feature set

Simple-to-use web portal

Simple-to-use web portal

Integrated billing

Integrated billing

Pain points solved

Limiting your revenue stream

Stop making small commissions on someone else’s service. Start making 70% margins or higher.

Supporting a system you don’t control

Own the solution and gain the control you need to support your customers the right way.

Giving your customers away

Instead of sending your customers to other vendors, offer them a solution branded for your business.

Training your team

Our easy-to-use web portal makes training your employees a snap.


“Next-generation unified-communications-as-a-service systems are gaining momentum and providing a variety of new growth areas for IT service providers offering solutions in this market segment.”

– TechTarget

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