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Your customers depend on you for everything
IT-related. As phone solutions have transitioned to IP and the cloud, it’s only natural for most MSPs to begin offering and supporting VoIP-based systems and services.

Take control of the situation and offer customers your own VoIP solutions. Gain control of the platform with a team built to support you.

With white label VoIP solutions from RingLogix, you can sell your own branded VoIP services like Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. Everything from service creation, feature management, and service support is in your control.

Benefits of white label
VoIP from RingLogix:

  • Collect the full revenue instead of waiting for small commissions
  • Deliver services in minutes not weeks
  • Work directly with our knowledgeable team for troubleshooting and support
  • Enhance existing offerings with robust VoIP services like Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking
  • Keep out competitive providers

You Can Trust Us. Here's What Our Partners Are Saying.

John Lettieri

President, TeleData Services, LLC

"Since signing up with RingLogix, I must say I am very happy and impressed. I have increased my net revenue to 50%. When I was signed up with third parties reselling their solution I was only generating 17%-18% commission. If you are looking to brand your own solution, increase revenue streams and work with a top notch support team; RingLogix is the company to choose."

Richard Bruce

President, Dimensional Communications

"RingLogix really base their success on my success.  We have never experienced anything like this with another vendor or manufacture. With Ring Logix, I can enter my own port request and almost every request has been fulfilled within 7-10 business days without any issues.  It has been amazing. This was the first product and vendor that we felt really works."

John Pettus

Business Development, CIU Networks

"Ring Logix is a great VoIP solution that we use for our clients in many different industries.  Setting up new accounts is a painless experience and we have more compatible hardware options versus our previous VoIP platform. Support is always there for us when we need it and the Support team always follows up. Ring Logix is our preferred VoIP solution."

Brian Halbeisen

CEO, RingGenius

"RingLogix really gives us everything we need to operate. We looked at building our own network but but most of the VoIP switches and billing systems available just didn’t compare. Plus they needed tons of integrations and customizations to meet our needs. It was just too much. The fact that RingLogix just has EVERYTHING from service to features and quoting and billing. It really helps us focus on sales vs building and maintaining all those distractions."

Be your own provider

Stop giving away high-margin, monthly recurring revenue services. With white label VoIP from RingLogix, offer your customers cloud-based phone solutions under your own brand. Our reseller platform gives you everything you need to sell, provision, invoice, and support your own VoIP service.

White Label Hosted PBX

White Label Hosted PBX

White Label Hosted Call Center

White Label Hosted Call Center

White Label SIP Trunking

White Label SIP Trunking

Pain points solved

Limiting your revenue stream

Stop making small commissions on someone else’s service. Start making 70% margins or higher.

Supporting a system you don’t control

Own the solution and gain the control you need to support your customers the right way.

Giving your customers away

Instead of sending your customers to other vendors, offer them a solution branded for your business.

Training your team

Our easy-to-use web portal makes training your employees a snap.


“White label solutions can help you utilize your business’s unique branding to offer a product or service without investing in infrastructure or technology creation around the solution.”

– Forbes

Schedule a demo and see how easy it is to become the vendor.