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How to Create a Quote in RingOS

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The quoting tool in RingOS allows partners to create quotes for new customers, right within the RingOS platform. This guide for current RingLogix partners will show you how to quickly, easily, and efficiently create quotes and activate new clients from quotes. 

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How to Access the RingOS Quoting Tool

While logged into RingOS, click on the Sales link in the header.  Then click Add New Quote.

How to Create a Quote

Step One: Enter Customer Information

  1. Click on the Sales link in the header.
  2. Then Click Add New Quote.
  3. In the Customer Info tab:
    • Type: Select New Prospect
    • Enter Company Name
    • Enter Contact Information: First and Last Name
    • Enter Email: This is the Email where the prospect will receive the quote.
    • Enter Full Billing Address

ringlogix OS screen showing how to enter client information for a quote

The Customer Info tab in the RingOS Quoting Tool

Step Two: Enter Service Details

In the Service Details tab:

  1. Term: Choose desired Contract
  2. Click Add Service
  3. Choose a type of Service from the dropdown
  4. Fill out the required fields and add Billing

the service details tab inside RingOS' quoting tool

The Service Details tab in the RingOS Quoting Tool

Step Three: Enter Any Onetime Charges

To add any additional onetime charges, follow the steps below. Skip to the Review and Deliver tab if no charges are needed.

In the Onetime Charges tab:

  • Enter the Quantity
  • Enter the Description
  • Enter the Rate
  • To enter multiple one-time charges, click on + sign

the one time charges tab inside RingOS' quoting tool

The Onetime Charges tab in the RingOS Quoting Tool

Step Four: Save and/or Send the Quote

In the Review and Deliver tab:

  • Save the Quote for later by clicking on Save
  • The Quote can be emailed directly to the Prospect by Clicking Email

the one time review and deliver tab inside RingOS' quoting tool

The Review and Deliver tab in the RingOS Quoting Tool

How to Activate a New User from a Quote

Once the prospect places the order, the account can be activated at any time. Navigate to Sales and then Quotes and you will see all active quotes. Select on the quote to activate.

The account can be created by selecting Activate.

the option to activate a quote inside RingOS

The Quote Activation screen in the RingOS Quoting Tool

It really is just that easy. If you need additional resources, check out our knowledgebase of tutorials or contact us directly for troubleshooting and help.

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