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Unveiling the Power of RingLogix and Mondago: A Game-Changing Integration!

Written by:

Wayne Landt

Unveiling the Power of RingLogix and Mondago: A Game-Changing Integration! featured image

Calling all RingLogix partners! We have an exciting event lined up just for you! RingLogix and Mondago have come together to offer a best-in-class CRM and business systems solution that will improve productivity and customer management. Don't miss our upcoming webinar on August 17th at 12 pm EST, where we will unveil the power of this game-changing integration! Register for this event here!

Meet the Experts:

Our esteemed panel of experts includes:

  1. Wayne Landt - Director of Customer Success at RingLogix.
  2. Rob Cox - Chief Sales and Marketing Executive at Mondago.
  3. Christian Chandler - North American Senior Account Director at Mondago.

A Dynamic Partnership: RingLogix and Mondago

Mondago's CTI connector, with over 200 proven integrations to CRM and contact-oriented business applications, seamlessly complements RingLogix's  voice and CCaaS solutions. Together, they offer a seamless customer management  and communication solution for customer-facing roles such as sales, support, and customer service.

What You'll Learn

During this webinar, you'll gain valuable insights into the following:

  1. Why this Integration Matters: Discover the importance of this integration for our partners and their customers. Uncover the hidden potential revenue  that this strategic collaboration enables and how it can take your business to new heights.
  2. Target Vertical Markets: Identify the vertical markets that will benefit the most from this integration. Learn how to approach potential clients with advanced solutions that cater specifically to their`` needs.
  3. Efficiency & Customer Management: See a live demo on how your customers can leverage the combined power of Mondago and RingLogix to enhance their efficiency and gain better control over their customer interactions.
  4. Maximizing Profit Potential: Learn effective strategies to win more deals and boost your profits by offering the dynamic duo of Mondago + RingLogix to your clients.

Why You Should Attend

As a partner using RingOS 2.0, you are already familiar with the exceptional solutions we provide. Now is your chance to delve deeper into the world of possibilities that await with Mondago's integration to the RingLogix platform. This webinar is an exclusive opportunity to:

  • Expand your knowledge of the integration's features and benefits.
  • Gain an edge in your market by offering a cutting-edge solution to your customers.
  • Connect with industry experts and get integration questions answered.

How to Register

Reserve your spot now for the upcoming webinar on August 17th at 12 pm EST by clicking on the registration link here.

With RingLogix and Mondago's expertise, your business will reach new horizons. See you there!

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