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Why Using These Quote Methods Could Impact Your VoIP Reseller Business

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Why Using These Quote Methods Could Impact Your VoIP Reseller Business featured image

Why Using These Quote Methods Could Impact Your VoIP Reseller Business

You might be using Microsoft Excel, or Google Docs or some other spreadsheet tool to provide quotes. Why? Is it because it’s what you’ve always used? Do you think quoting tools are too expensive?
Spreadsheets are great at tracking numbers, creating budgets and generating fancy graphs and charts. However, providing accurate sales quotes wasn’t their intended use. You might have a simple template for quoting, but I’m sure there’s still editing and a lot of back and forth between you and your customer until a final quote is settled on. Then what? Can your customer sign and submit online? Probably not, it’s just another version of the same spreadsheet.
It’s time consuming and frustrating for all parties involved.
Here is why you need to consider ditching the offline quoting method for an online quoting tool.


Lack of Real-Time Pricing

Are your sales reps spending most of their time living in a spreadsheet – copying and pasting info into quotes? Have their ctrl-z/ctrl-c buttons disintegrated? While copy/pasting might prevent some grammatical errors, it may not prevent pricing errors. What if you grab a price from the wrong schedule? You could be quoting higher than normal. VoIP resellers can't take chances with these inaccuracies, as they could lead to lost opportunities.
With an integrated quote tool, like the one offered from RingLogix, your team has access to real-time information to prepare accurate quotes for your proposals – eliminating the potential for a misquote.
White label VoIP platform with integrated quote tool
You’re in control of the quote and your customer signs and submits everything online with the click button. No need to wait for customer-quote-V8.xls anymore.

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Time Is Money

In the words of Tony Stark from Endgame, “No amount of money ever bought a second of time.” If you are creating the quote yourself, or working with an account manager, your customers are playing a waiting game. It can take longer to create a quote in a spreadsheet. Plus, you have to deal with the quote format, turning on permissions to view or edit the quote.
In the time to create one quote spreadsheet, you could have fired off 20. Isn’t that a better use of your time?


Lack of Version Control

This can be a major issue. If you have numerous versions of the same sheet being emailed, your team could be issuing outdated information, or worse, accidentally sharing other customer’s data.
Even with approved templates, it can become obsolete in months with updated pricing or promos. If a template becomes outdated, make sure it is deleted.
Even with version control, how many different templates are being used? Like the RingLogix quote tool, it has everything you need in one centralized portal – updated in real-time. Isn’t that a better use of time?


Number Adjustments

You may not be able to prevent your team from going rogue and creating new rules or formulas. They might be able to change pricing terms and product data. Do you want them to have that control?
If they’re changing details, that could impact margins. To keep margins in line, lock down certain fields.
With an integrated quote tool, you create a repeatable quoting process for your VoIP reseller business.


No Interactivity

There is no interaction within a spreadsheet. If your customers need something changed, or need an upgrade, they must reach back out to your rep for a new quote – thus another spreadsheet needs to be edited and sent out – slowing down your sales cycle.
In an online quote tool, once the quote is sent, it's accepted and signed online and you're on the way to collecting revenue in seconds.
An integrated quote tool, like the one offered through RingLogix's white label voip platform, allows you to create a new quote in seconds.
Prepared quote on white label voip platform
Your customer just picks up the phone, you create the quote and they accept and signup online in one portal. The quote is tracked online, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity.


How does using a spreadsheet sound now? These quoting methods could be holding your sales team and their sales cycle back. Provide beautiful and accurate quotes – under your brand – using an integrated quoting tool like the one offered by RingLogix. If you’re interested in streamlining your sales process and learning how a white label VoIP platform can drastically enhance your business, contact us today. We’d love to hear more about your business and how we can solve any of your pain points.
Click below to watch our video to see our white label platform in action!
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