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RingOS 2.0 is Here: What You Need to Know

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It's finally here! RingOS got a much-needed upgrade with a complete re-launch of our OS. This exciting change will make it easier for you to sell, manage and maximize. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about 2.0.

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Introduction to 2.0

RingOS 2.0 is primarily a refactoring and optimization of the existing and reliable RingOS application, but this release will also create a new foundation that facilitates the environment needed for the direction we are proceeding in as a software company. The core changes include:

  • An upgrade to the commercial billing engine with new features and APIs that will be exposed in future releases
  • A refactoring of the original RingOS software into a macro service architecture that will allow us to bring you more features and integrations with quicker time frames and less QA regression testing.
  • A new framework and design to the GUI that makes it more modern looking and offers tools for faster development and engaging experiences.
  • A new marketplace framework, that enables us to bring more 3rd party services and integrations designed to help you succeed and bring more services to RingOS beyond UCaaS.

If you want all the details, our CEO Albert Diaz introduces RingOS 2.0 and walks through the new features in our announcement video:

a still from the RingOS annoucement video


Release Notes

Below you'll find the full release notes for RingOS 2.0. Please note that some features intended for RingOS 2.0, primarily the marketplace, are not available yet. Our initiative is to first release a relatable application with the same reliability and uptime that RingOS 1 has historically provided. Once we complete this first stage new, functions like the marketplace will be introduced.

Module Changelog
Core functionality Refactored RingOS into macro services architecture – allows for faster releases and less QA time.
Core functionality New UI and underlying framework
Core functionality Introduction of RingOS Marketplace framework (framework only – marketplace pending) 
Activity Audit  Improvement: Added staff activity log framework and widget to new dashboard.
Dashboard Improvement: Added a new dashboard experience. The first dashboard is sales/revenue related with more technical and provisioning-centric dashboard in design. These will be visible with a carousel-type swapping experience and manageable via the staff settings.
Hosted PBX Improvement: Small changes to the PBX landing page with new widgets for visualization available and active calls and a new experience for management user defaults.
MS Teams Fix: Fixed MS Teams E5 License issue
Settings Improvement: Added new and more flexible branding options.
SIP Trunking Improvement: New service management page layout with widgets to visualize allowed and active calls.
Feature Request Improvement: Added a new feature request function that allows partners to publicly submit and vote on feature requests. This promotes transparency on community needs and the RingLogix roadmap.
Quotes Improvement: New quote design
Quotes Improvement: Added a quote link generator in addition to the existing email button.
Payment Process Improvement: To further enhance payment security, during this release we will be converting all partners using and Stripe merchant accounts to token-based processing. The action of converting to tokenized processing requires a small $1 authorization that is immediately voided. However, our tests indicate that all credit card providers display this interaction differently to the cardholder. In short, your customers may see a $1 charge/hold and a $1 credit on the same day. In some cases, like Amex card holders, the $1 credit may display later on. Moving forward, all cards added after the 2.0 upgrade will use tokenization and provide this experience. RingOS 2.1 will display a popup on the card add providing this information.


For a quick reference of release notes, visit our Knowledgebase article on RingOS 2.0.

FAQs About RingOS 2.0

Below you'll find a collection of FAQs from our release webinar, support tickets and direct communications.

 Will RingOS 2.0 support 2FA?

Yes. RingOS 2.1, scheduled for approximately 5-6 weeks after the 2.0 release, will include SSO with Gmail and Microsoft. This will indirectly enable 2FA.

Are there any improvements to the billing system and its management?

Yes. The upgrade of the billing engine that powers RingOS 2.0 includes some new features that are not exposed yet, but will be in future releases. It also includes new API calls that allow for more control at the Partner level without opening a ticket. Please stay tuned for additional functionality that will be available soon.

Will anything change regarding my billing or current billing configurations?

No. There are no changes to the billing arrangement between RingOS and it Partners or between Partners and their customers.

Are there any improvements to the faxing solution?

Our marketplace approach will allow us to partner with best in-class providers for specialized services like fax. With that, the upcoming RingOS marketplace will enable us to provide integrations with vendors like Documo and others so that partners can choose the fax solution that best meets their needs while benefiting from the operational and billing support functions RingOS offers.

Is the new dashboard faster?

Yes. The logic used to retrieve and parses data from third-party systems like the billing engine and the Netsapiens PBX has been improved. Further, will continue to improve that process with each future release.

Will specific dashboards be able to be controlled and assigned to only specific internal users?

Soon. Once more dashboards are introduced there will be a view setting on the Staff edit page to control what dashboards are visible to them.

Will my customers see any changes?

Your customers will see the improved GUI and branding with the same layout they are used to.

Will 2.0 have the ability to use API's to connect to external ticketing systems in the future? (i.e. Connectwise, Atera, Kaseya, ITglue.)

Yes. We are currently scoping an integration with Connectwise as the first PSA/Ticketing system we integrate with. More integrations will come based on partner feedback.

Will you have an integration with QuickBooks?

Yes. We are currently scoping an integration with QuickBooks as the first accounting software we officially integrate with. More integrations will come based on partner feedback.

Any plans to support any third-party eSIM providers, such as Tango networks so I can extend the PBX to cell phones and IOT devices?

Yes. We have received some requests for the Tango Networks solution. This is a Netsapiens PBX level integration. Interop and pricing considerations will begin next quarter.

Are there any costs associated with the Marketplace or API?

Use of the API will be free. Several Marketplace apps will be free value adds while some may have costs associated to, amongst other things, third-party services. Each app will display that information as it becomes available.

Is Microsoft Teams Operator Connect coming to RingOS?

We currently support our fully automated Direct Routing solution for Teams. If we see sufficient demand for Operator Connect via a feature request we will gladly consider it.

Is the new dashboard mobile-friendly?

Yes. While this sort of app is best used on a desktop, the new dashboard maintains a responsive layout that greatly improves mobile friendliness.

Are there any changes to the PBX with this upgrade?

No. This upgrade involves RingOS 2.0 and the billing engine that powers it. The Netsapiens PBX is not affected at this time.

Are there any updates to the Netsapiens PBX Admin and PBX User docs?

Our support team is currently reviewing those docs and updating them with new screenshots and new features that have been introduced recently.

Is Netsapiens being upgraded to V44 now?

No, V44 is not available yet. Further, RingLogix likes to be cutting edge not bleeding edge. Meaning once a new Netsapiens release is available we typically wait for the next micro release (i.e. V44.1) before introducing it into our ecosystem. This ensures that any major bugs introduced by that release do not affect our partners or their customers.

Will the PBX look and feel change with this upgrade?

No, the Netsapiens PBX is not affected by this upgrade. Our custom Netsapiens look and feel will continue to apply.

Is the SnapMobile app improved?

Yes. The SnapMobile App has been greatly improved over the last several months. Further, we are in discussions and testing with other mobile app providers like Acrobits to provide our partners with more mobile solutions that meet their needs.

Do I have to migrate any clients or do anything at all?

No, everything will be migrated for you.

Why did RingLogix makes these changes (i.e make 2.0)

Evolution! 2.0 provides 3 major functions supportive of your success. First, is a refactoring of the original RingOS software into a macro service architecture that will allow us to bring you more features and integrations with quicker time frames and less QA regression testing. Second, is a new framework and design to the GUI that makes it more modern looking and offers tools for faster development and engaging experiences. Third, and definitely not least, is our new marketplace framework, which enables us to bring more 3rd party services and integrations designed to help you succeed and bring more services to RingOS beyond UCaaS. Who knows, RingOS may even get a new name too.....

Who do I contact if I have questions or need help?

Our support team is available as always during our standard business hours. You are also welcome to contact your Success Manager for any additional help you may need.

Is there the ability to run PnL reports?

Not yet. This is a tricky subject when considering all the moving parts, hence no telco related billing system we are aware of provides it. However, we have begun a design and reviewed it with several partners that we believe will meet your needs. We believe this could be possible by the end of the year but do not have an ETA at this time.

Does the billing system allow for exporting tax line items?

Yes. There are 2 reports available which include the compliance log files used by reporting vendors and a CSV file with the data parsed out.


We've designed 2.0 to be intuitive and familiar, so you should be able to access all your necessary features without any hiccups. However, we also have a tutorial available on how to use the system. 

Our Sr Success Manager, Jaime Norris, walks through all of RingOS 2.0:

Should you have any additional questions about 2.0, please contact our support team or your Success Manager and we are happy to assist. Your feedback is important for the success of this new launch.

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