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Seamless Number Porting In A Few Simple Steps

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Seamless Number Porting In A Few Simple Steps

Sometimes changing phone service providers can seem a bit scary for your end users. We know they don't want to lose touch with their customers or have technical problems reflect negatively on their business. Fortunately, with the right solution, these fears hold no ground. In this blog, we explain why number porting is simple and painless when you’re with the right provider.

Phone service companies are required to provide an avenue for your customers to retain their phone numbers when transitioning to your phone company. This process is called local number portability (LNP), or sometimes just porting. All that’s required for number porting are a few simple steps:

Steps to Seamless Ports:

  1. First, to port your customer's number to the new service provider, they will have to provide proof that they own the existing account and phone number(s). This process is designed to protect business owners and ensure their phone numbers stay protected. 
  2. Next, they will need to have their last month’s invoice from their current provider. This helps you as the new service provider verify the customer's details.
  3. You will then need to have them sign the Letter of Agency (or LOA) denoting their account number, business name and service address, which you can compare against their last month’s invoice.
  4. Once the above information and documentation is properly submitted, phone service and the corresponding phone numbers should transfer seamlessly from the old company to you, the new provider, without any interruption of service. 

What should be a relatively seamless and simple process can often turn into a stressful experience for businesses when it’s not handled with care. As their new service provider, you want to make this experience as painless as possible. The simplest way to make porting seamless is by partnering with a platform provider that has the expertise and resources for a flawless port.

Number Porting Made Simple

With RingLogix and our internal team of LNP professionals, we strive to make the number porting process as fast and effortless as possible. We communicate updates with you, and handle simple rejections on your behalf. Regardless of the company your customer is moving away from, their phone number porting should be completed in 7 days, and in many times, even less. 

Having experts on your side makes obtaining new customers easy, so you can spend more time selling and less time porting. Plus, our single pane of glass RingOS platform provides everything you need to convert a new customer and port their numbers, all in the same dashboard. No more hunting through the company drive or your desktop for number porting templates or wasting your time on simple rejections, which RingLogix will handle on your behalf. 

Porting shouldn’t be painful, and if your current platform provider isn’t making this process any easier, give us a call or schedule a demo

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