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How To Help Your Customers Return To The Office With A UCaaS System

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Over the last several months, businesses have had to transition their employees to a remote setting due to the pandemic. Now, as more businesses are re-opening in a phased approach, they will rely on their technology more than ever to help in the transition. Have you thought through how that process will work for your customers?
They'll have to think about how to collaborate, conduct meetings, and how they'll communicate in general. For a while it's not going to be business as usual. Remember being able to walk up to someone's cubicle and  ask how their weekend was? Or give feedback on how a sales call went. Communication needs to be more methodical and deliberate.
In one of our last blogs, we wrote how unified communications were key in transitioning to remote environments. MSPs and VoIP resellers, here's how you can help your customers take full advantage of those same services to help bring their employees back to the office.

A Hybrid Approach Toward Unified Communications

Because of state guidelines, your customers might be limited in the number of employees they're able to have in the office, so it might be required to go this route. The adaptable landscape of a UCaaS system, as you know, is more than capable of supporting on-site and remote workers, which is essential in the phased approach of re-opening.

A hosted cloud communication system might be even more critical, as it could become the standard going forward for business communications.


Open Office Communication

Employees might have adjusted to remote work and aren’t quite ready to get back into the office, so their feedback will be essential. Employees, including managers, should be approachable during the time when it comes to communication. Feedback from staff on how they are adjusting will be important and it will be vital to foster a way to ask question and voice concerns.

For those employees who are uncomfortable with peer-to-peer interaction, setup weekly check-ins via audio or video conferencing. Managers can set-up reminders to check-in employees at the end of the day via text message or chat. No matter where the employee is, they'll get the message.

This type of open communication will establish trust and rebuild the culture. You can offer the tools to help foster that communication. In fact, a UCaaS solution from RingLogix can help you unify your customers' communications and provide the best way to communicate.

Establish Presence Across The Business

With a phased approach to re-opening, there will be cycles of workers in office and out. Depending on the size of their business, employees won’t know which of their colleagues are on-site or remote. Presence management tools make it possible to locate a device when it connects to your network. The benefit here is a 10,000-foot view of who’s available, no matter where they may be – whether at home or on-site.

It’s important for the employee to set their availability – so their teammates know if you’re away, available, or busy.


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Scheduling Flexibility

It might be necessary to set core hours of business. Set a period throughout the week where employees can schedule in-person meetings to mitigate risk of contact between employees. A UCaaS solution makes it easy for businesses to keep everyone connected on one singular system with voice, chat and video capability. Video is great for those extroverts who like to see their peers.

By the same token, it might be necessary for some employees to work remote for a longer period of time – if they have a condition that makes them susceptible to getting sick or they are taking care of vulnerable family members.

Everyone, for the most part, has a mobile phone and are VoIP-ready mobile devices. Mobile unified communications apps will help keep everyone connected. The RingLogix SNAPmobile app allows users to send/receive calls as if they were in the office with the same functionality.
If you prefer not to use your personal mobile phone, RingLogix has a browser-based web phone which requires no downloads or configuration. Just log into the portal and click ‘Web Phone’.

A UCaaS solution keeps your customers' employees connected no matter where they’re located.

Multi-Channel Communications

Unless it’s imperative, it's not necessary to gather in a conference room thanks to the tools available in a unified communications system. These tools enrich teamwork, especially with the social distancing guidelines in place for most states – physical contact will be limited for some time. These solutions have a competitive feature set including text messaging, audio/video conferencing and chat all within an integrated portal. Also, no need to invest in any hardware – a fully unified system will work on any device.
Unified communications allow workers to communicate in the way they are most comfortable and allows workers to work safe and productively – eliminating any stress of catching any illnesses.

More businesses are going to have to evolve to a unified communications system. Be there for your customers in that transition and provide them a unified system all under a single pane of glass using a white label VoIP system with unified features – like the white label VoIP platform offered from RingLogix. Growing your business while making your customers happy has never been more vital - or easier. RingLogix can meet your business goals and help ease your customers’ transition back into the office - watch our video and let us show you how.
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