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Partner Review: RingLogix-Mondago Integration Experience

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In this interview, we step into Jose's world to gain insight into his firsthand experience with the transformative Mondago Integration with RingLogix. Jose will explore the integration's features and benefits, and also share tips on how to sell this product. Keep reading to find out what a top RingLogix partner thinks about the newest integration with Mondago!


Jose Alfonso is the Sr. Managing Partner at Voiceware LLC with over 15 years of experience working alongside several executive teams of both local and national clients seeking to improve their daily business communications spanning from healthcare, legal, logistics and finance sectors. Jose specializes in administrative technology and is responsible for educating customers on using progressive systems and applications, including cloud hosted VoIP and Call Center & Contact Center platforms, mass communication procedures and organizational apps. Jose is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Jose is inspired daily by his family and in his free time, Jose likes to exercise and listen to music.

Why did you decide you needed this product?  

We needed a CTI solution that allowed us to capture both incoming/outbound calls from both prospects and existing customers to improve upon opportunities and problem resolution. Mondago’s NAVA product UNITE allowed us to bring everything together and helped us deliver a higher custom customer response timeframe without having to fumble through notes and emails.

What are your favorite features using the Mondago Integration?

Our favorite feature is having the ability to use any one of multiple contact lists, not just the CRM itself. It can be the VoIP platform contact list, your Outlook or that of the CRM too. 

How easy was this product to use, install, or configure? 

Installation was quite simple and you can begin using the product in as much as 10 minutes. We highly recommend reading the Windows installation notes before proceeding, but otherwise, it is self explanatory. 

What pain point(s) has this product addressed for your business?

The product allows us to both service our clients better and then we preach the same to clients when we explain that they can also answer their customers the same way we answer when theirs when they have a support of sales related call. In other words, if Mondago is god enough for your Telecom company to use, it’ll be great for the end user as well.  

What is the best way to sell this product? 

We give it away for a 30 day test, then ask for feedback during and after the trial period has ended. The best way to test a product is to actually deploy it and have the end user use it; obviously, this comes along with training that has to take place before actual use, however, once the product is put through its paces, it sells itself. 

How do you sell the product? 

We sell the product as an Add-on feature or a licensed upgrade per extension. For example, If a customer has  8 customer service reps, maybe 3 or 4 will need to be licensed at first to see how the product works and how it will change the work dynamic interaction daily; after that, it sells itself. The remaining agents all request Mondago after that initial testing phase.  

What are 3 of the best selling points for this product? 

Features, Functionality, and Price.

What’s your overall opinion of this product?

We strongly believe that any CTI platform is welcome in our business, however, one that delivers consistently is to be commended and Mondago does this very well. Mondago delivers the ability for any company to answer incoming calls with the caller’s detailed contact record being displayed before you answer thereby providing a very welcoming and personal experience to each and every customer call. In addition, having the ability to record the call history in your CRM is invaluable. In an ever increasing competitive sales environment, keeping close tabs on number of calls, when, by whom and why calls were made to your customers is foremost on our list of priorities as we strive to not only gain a customer, but to retain them as well.  


Unlock the potential of your business with the RingLogix-Mondago integration. Watch the full demo now!

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