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RingLogix Rolls Out RingOS 2.2: What You Need to Know

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RingLogix Rolls Out RingOS 2.2: What You Need to Know
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RingLogix is excited to announce the release of RingOS 2.2, the latest update to our white-label VoIP and UCaaS platform. RingOS 2.2 brings a host of powerful features and enhancements designed to streamline operations, improve compliance, and provide an exceptional user experience for our partners. In this blog post, we will explore the key updates and their benefits, highlighting how RingOS 2.2 can help your MSP thrive.

10DLC as a Service with all the RingOS Automation You Love 

If you've been involved in the business SMS industry over the past few years, you're likely familiar with the new 10DLC regulations and their enforcer, The Campaign Registry (TCR). TCR is in charge of making sure all business SMS campaigns are registered and compliant. This aims to improve message delivery and reduce spam, but it also means more steps like campaign registrations, vetting, and extra fees. While it can be a bit of a hassle, staying compliant is crucial for smooth message delivery. Let's navigate these requirements together to keep your SMS and MMS campaigns running smoothly.

Although this may seem inconvenient, we are committed to simplifying the process through RingOS automation to ensure your customers can effectively use SMS. It's crucial for all partners with SMS-utilizing customers to comply with 10DLC.

The Problem with Other 10DLC Services

In the wholesale telecommunications industry, the process of registering and managing 10DLC (10-digit long code) is cumbersome and inefficient. Traditional methods require logging into separate portals for different tasks: registering brands and campaigns, and managing billing. This disjointed approach, often referred to as "swivel chair operations," demands multiple manual entries and constant switching between systems, leading to errors and significant time wastage.These systems are decoupled from the billing systems, meaning resellers must manually track and bill for 10DLC services, further increasing the administrative burden and risk of oversight.

How RingOS’s 10DLC as a Service Solves the Problem

RingOS 2.2 has simplified the 10DLC registration process by automating many of the steps. Partners can easily register their customers' brands and campaigns through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. 

  • Unified Platform: RingOS integrates 10DLC services directly into its platform, eliminating the need for separate portals and reducing manual processes.
  • Seamless Brand Registration:
    • Enter your customer’s business information (name, EIN, industry) once.
    • The system handles the rest, ensuring quick verification and approval.
  • Efficient Campaign Creation:
    • Define campaign use cases and provide sample messages within the platform.
    • Automated checks ensure all fields are completed accurately, speeding up the approval process.
  • Number Assignment:
    • Easily add SMS-enabled phone numbers to approved campaigns.
    • Compliance is checked at every step, ensuring only valid numbers are used.
  • Integrated Billing:
    • Create retail billing for 10DLC services directly within the platform.
    • Simplifies management and invoicing, reducing administrative burden.
  • Reduced Swivel Chair Operations:
    • All tasks, from brand registration to billing, are handled within the same system.
    • Eliminates the need to switch between different portals, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Comprehensive Service Management:
    • Manage 10DLC as a service like any other within RingOS.
    • Directly link campaigns to customer accounts, ensuring seamless integration and tracking.
  • Improved User Experience:
    • Streamlined processes make it substantially easier to use compared to traditional methods.
    • Offers the same functionality as other providers but with enhanced ease of use and efficiency.
  • End-to-End Solution:
    • From initial registration to ongoing billing, everything is managed within the RingOS platform.
    • Provides a cohesive, integrated approach to 10DLC management.

By addressing the inefficiencies and disjointed nature of traditional 10DLC management, RingOS’s 10DLC as a Service offers a comprehensive, streamlined, and user-friendly solution, significantly improving operational efficiency for MSPs and their customers.

Introducing the Other Services Billing Module - Bill ANYTHING Anywhere

The "Other Services" billing module in RingLogix's RingOS platform is designed to empower our partners with unparalleled billing flexibility. With this new capability, partners can now bill for any service they offer, regardless of its nature or origin, on a unified invoice.

Key Features and Benefits:

Unified Invoicing: The "Other Services" feature consolidates billing for diverse services into a single invoice, streamlining the process and enhancing the customer experience. No more juggling multiple billing systems and invoices—now everything is seamlessly managed through RingOS.

Comprehensive Subscription Management: Partners have the ability to create and edit their own subscriptions with detailed customization options. From setting service types and pricing to mapping applicable tax codes, the platform provides full control over subscription management.

Automated Collection and Payment Processing: RingOS automates the collection process and integrates payment processing, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring timely payments. This automation allows partners to focus on delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Flexible Billing Scenarios: Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, the platform accommodates a wide range of billing scenarios. Whether it's IT retainers, a la carte services, licenses, rentals, or any other service, partners can track additional details like external service IDs, descriptions, notes, and individual user information.

Unlimited Service and Subscription Entries: There's no limit to the number of generic services or subscriptions partners can add for a customer. Whether it's a monthly cybersecurity check or any other service, partners can now bill for any service through RingOS with ease.

RingOS 2.2's "Other Services" feature marks a significant enhancement in how our partners can manage their billing operations. By consolidating various services into one unified invoice and offering robust subscription management tools, we aim to simplify billing processes and improve overall efficiency.

Enhancements to the Billing Platform

The billing platform in RingOS 2.2 has been enhanced to provide partners with greater control and efficiency. These updates focus on simplifying the billing process, ensuring tax compliance, and reducing administrative overhead.

Key Enhancements:

  1. Tax Application to Manual Charges:
    • The updated billing engine now supports applying taxes to manual charges. Leveraging Avalara’s tax calculation engine, the system ensures accurate and up-to-date tax calculations. This addition simplifies the billing process by ensuring all charges are correctly taxed, giving partners confidence that their billing practices comply with the latest tax regulations.
  2. Improved Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) Management:
    • Managing your monthly recurring charges has never been easier. Partners can quickly add or edit service subscription fees to maintain accurate and up-to-date billing. While these fees cover the monthly charges for the services offered, more complex settings like long-distance rates or free minute pools are managed within the service plan. This clear distinction streamlines the billing process and reduces potential errors.
  3. Updated Tax Integration:
    • The updated integration with Avalara’s tax engine allows partners to directly manage simple-to-use tax mappings. This ensures taxes are calculated accurately and effortlessly, enabling partners to focus on growing their business without the burden of billing or tax headaches.

By enhancing the billing platform in these ways, RingOS 2.2 empowers partners to handle their billing processes more efficiently and confidently, ultimately contributing to a smoother and more reliable operational workflow.

Updated Support Menu for Better Assistance

RingOS 2.2 features a revamped support menu designed to provide better and quicker access to assistance.

Support Menu Improvements:

  • Live Chat for Direct Access: The updated support menu includes options for starting a live chat or accessing direct support. This ensures partners can get help when needed, minimizing downtime and enhancing service reliability.
  • Ticket Portal: The new Ticket Portal option in the support menu allows partners to conveniently open support tickets with just a click.
  • Go-Live Assist: For critical moments in your installation, the Go-Live Assistance Program allows partners to schedule time with our support team to ensure a smooth transition and launch. This hands-on support is invaluable for successful implementations.
  • Knowledge base and Partner University: The updated support menu now includes the RingOS Knowledge Base and Partner University, providing comprehensive resources and training for partners. These additions ensure MSPs have easy access to vital information and educational materials.

New Status Page for Real-Time Updates

The new RingLogix Status Page is designed to keep partners informed about the status of our services in real time.

Features of the Status Page:

  • Real-Time Notifications: Partners can register to receive real-time updates directly to their email, ensuring they are always aware of any maintenance events or service incidents.
  • Comprehensive Status Information: The status page provides detailed information about current service status, scheduled maintenance, and past incidents, offering complete transparency and enabling better planning.

Thank you for being a part of the RingLogix family. We look forward to continuing to support your success with these exciting new capabilities in RingOS 2.2.

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