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Tips for Choosing a White Label VoIP Platform

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MSPs have many choices when it comes to white label VoIP platforms. The huge variety of options can the process of choosing the right platform difficult.

When looking at different white label VoIP platforms, use these tips to help you choose the best option for your business.

Compare Features and Functionality

When comparing platforms, the first place to start is with the features available. Any VoIP tool will include phone functionalities, but what other tools are available as well? Can you offer your clients voice chat, instant messaging or hosted call centers? Another thing to consider is the integrations available within the tool. Can you easily connect the tools your clients use now - like Zoom and Microsoft Teams - to the platform?

Consider Scalability and Flexibility

Good enough for now is not good enough when you want to grow your business. Consider how easy it is to add new clients, add new phone numbers to existing clients and add new services a white label VoIP platform. The right platform should allow you to scale your business and grow alongside with you - not cap your number of clients, users and tools.

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Evaluate Customer Support and Training

When comparing platforms, consider the levels of support you'll receive - both for you and for your clients. Does the platform have a free tutorial library online? Do they have dedicated phone and chat support? Or will you be left to troubleshoot any issues on your own?

Assess Pricing and Billing Controls

What kind of return will you see from your investment? Some VoIP platforms cap your earnings or limit your pricing options. Look for a platform that lets you set your own pricing structure, for optimal return. Additionally, you'll want to look at the billing options available in the platform. Does it offer integrated billing, or do you have to use a third party tool? These questions are important to consider beyond just the cost of the platform, as they'll impact your overall ROI.

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Use these tips above to help you compare the variety of platforms and decide on the best option for your business. The most important thing is to choose a provider that offers the features your clients want, allows you to grow easily, provides dedicated support and gives you full control of your pricing and billing.

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