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Call Recording: Not Just for Call Centers

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Often found within a hosted call center, one of the standard best practices for quality control and training purposes is call recording. You have likely heard a pre-recorded message to that effect when you’re on hold with the bank, for example.

But call recording is not just for call centers. How can other businesses utilize this tool to improve performance for both employees and clientele? And as an MSP, how can you offer this valuable service to your clients?

Benefits of Call Recording for Businesses

Before you can offer call recording, it's important to know the benefits. You can speak to these benefits directly during your sales process, to help inform your clients that call recording is useful for their business.

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1. Use for Training

Telling an employee to follow a script is hardly the most effective way to ensure quality customer service. It also doesn’t consider the complexities of customer needs or how to address them. Recordings can be enormously helpful in this effort as they can be used to identify common client inquiries and training needs within the company.

2. Process Improvement

Call recording can also have a significant impact on business procedures, and can be leveraged in a multitude of ways:

  • Verifying that processes and policies are optimized to achieve the desired business outcomes
  • Recognizing trends in the ever-shifting world of client needs and expectations
  • Anticipating trends for better forecasting of future impact
  • Identifying when and where breakdowns in communication most frequently occur

Call recordings can also help to assess voice, tone, and wording so the approach can be adjusted as needed. If you are like most people, what you say sounds one way in your head, but what comes out of your mouth is another story entirely. Call recordings can help eliminate false perceptions and help employees to recognize inappropriate speech patterns.

3. Assure Accountability and Consistency

An employee, eager to please, might over-promise, offering wild or impractical solutions to solve a client’s issues. An unrealistic promise can leave customers feeling disappointed and lied to, potentially damaging the brand. In the effort to advocate for feasible service and reasonable solutions, call recordings can help identify which requests are fair and which are otherwise.

4. Reward Excellence

Additionally, recordings can help the employer identify staff members that are exceeding expectations and reward them accordingly. These examples of exceptional work can even be used to demonstrate the ideal phone protocol to other trainees. Studies show that employees who receive positive feedback are more likely to continue providing excellent service, and this, in turn, leads to outstanding results, benefiting all stakeholders.

5. Align Employees with Company Policy

Another reason to implement call recording is to ensure alignment with company policy. Staff who know they are being monitored are more likely to comply with employer standards and those who do not are easy to identify. Whether this leads to further training or termination, it encourages quality outcomes.

How to Start Call Recording

Service optimization is crucial when it comes to call centers, as having lots of satisfied clients is the best way to grow your business. Call recording is one of the many tools that can help you improve customer service, enable predictive forecasting, empower employees, and strengthen your brand from end-to-end. Did you know partners of RingLogix greatly benefit from this feature?  

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