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Holiday Checklist for MSPs

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Are you ready for the holidays? For many MSPs, holiday marketing in a B2B context involves reaching out to clients and prospects to foster relationships, express gratitude, and potentially generate new business. Here's a holiday marketing checklist tailored for MSPs in the B2B space.

Create a Content Calendar:

  • Plan a series of holiday-themed content for your blog, social media, and newsletters.
  • Content could include tech tips for the holiday season, year-in-review highlights, or industry trends.
  • Tip: It’s not too late to plan! Even if it’s just an email, social, or a short blog, your clients will appreciate it, especially if it's helpful content. Think about writing about how to avoid holiday scams.

Design Branded Holiday Graphics:

  • Create visually appealing graphics incorporating holiday themes and your MSP's branding.
  • Use these graphics in social media posts, email campaigns, and on your website.
  • Tip: Canva is a free and easy tool that has many holiday themed templates for you to take advantage of!

Craft Personalized Email Campaigns:

  • Send personalized holiday greetings to your clients.
  • Include a brief year-in-review and express gratitude for their partnership.

Offer Holiday Promotions:

  • Create special holiday promotions or discounts for your services.
  • Highlight any year-end packages or incentives for new clients.
  • Tip: Offer a free tech stack or phone system audit. Clients also love free consultations and this is a great way to cross sell your services by identifying a need and providing a solution.

Send Physical Holiday Cards or Gifts:

  • Mail personalized holiday cards or small gifts to your key clients.
  • Ensure the gifts align with professional norms and adhere to any company policies.
  • Tip: Check out Postable, they offer holiday specials and can help with logistics.

Optimize Your Website:

  • Update your website with holiday-themed banners or pop-ups.
  • Ensure that your contact information and service offerings are prominently displayed. 
  • Tip: Giving your entire website a holiday makeover might not be realistic, but creating a holiday themed landing page that you can use year after year is! Especially if you can reuse it  for future holiday campaigns, events, or even a holiday company update.

Engage on Social Media:

  • Share engaging holiday content on your social media platforms.
  • Monitor and participate in relevant conversations within your industry.
  • Tip: Use popular holiday hashtags to  pick up on the algorithm buzz. This will help expand your posts reach on socials.  

Monitor and Analyze Campaign Performance:

  • Use analytics tools to track the performance of your holiday campaigns.
  • Evaluate which strategies were most effective and gather insights for future campaigns.

Prepare for Year-End Reviews:

  • Schedule year-end reviews with key clients to discuss their technology needs and plans for the upcoming year.
  • Offer insights on emerging trends and how your MSP can support their goals.

Ensure Continuity of Support:

  • Communicate your holiday hours and support availability. This is a very important one! 
  • Have a plan in place to address any urgent issues that may arise during the holiday season.
  • You are going to want to send your clients an email. Also consider writing social posts about your support options and consider pinning it for the holiday season so it is at the top of your page. 
  • Tip: The holiday season can leave people in a holidaze! Send a minimum of two emails letting your clients know your hours and support options. 

Follow Up in the New Year:

  • Continue engagement into the new year with follow-up emails or calls.
  • Inquire about their plans and offer support for any technology-related initiatives.

By following this holiday marketing checklist, MSPs in the B2B space can strengthen client relationships, boost brand visibility, and position themselves as valuable partners in the tech landscape.


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