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How to Create a Hosted PBX Business Model

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How to Create a Hosted PBX Business Model

Going solo and starting your own hosted PBX business has huge potential for high revenue earnings, with minimal effort on your part. Before you begin on this journey, there are a few things you need to know to create a high-earning business model.

Identify Your Customers and Their Needs

Every business has its niche, and your hosted PBX is no exception. The more targeted you can be in your approach, the more you become the go-to for that sector, and increase your referral business.

The simplest way to go about defining your target market is to decide on two factors: business size and industry. Do you want to target small businesses or large businesses? Each have their pros and cons. Small businesses are easier to get your foot in the door, but budget is often an issue. Large businesses are harder to crack and have more red tape but larger budgets. You have to consider your size as well - what can you realistically handle? From there, settle on one or two key industries to get started. 

Get your foot in the door through word-of-mouth and networking. Once you have contact information, you can begin targeting those businesses.

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Decide On Your Offerings

Hosted PBX can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Before getting started, you'll need to decide what services you want to offer. This might be set by the platform you use to offer your services, but generally speaking, you'll want to include, at a minimum:

  • Web Phone
  • Web Meetings
  • Team Chat
  • Business SMS
  • Mobile App

Most businesses consider the above part of their phone system, even if they're utilized differently. By offering all of the communication avenues your customers are looking for, you become their one-stop-shop provider.

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Partner with the Right White Label Provider

The final piece of the puzzle is choosing a provider that makes it easy to handle the setup, management and billing of your clients. Working with a large service provider comes with a lot of limitations - you typically are a representative instead of your own business, and you're often capped in your pricing and market. Working with a white label provider gives you true freedom, but you still need top-of-the-line features. 

The VoIP & UC Platform That Helps You GROW

RingLogix White Label VoIP

a preview of the RingLogix OS

Replace swivel chair operations and managing loosely integrated systems with a single solution built from the ground up for MSPs. Offer your customers a branded and powerful cloud PBX service that's easy to setup and manage, with built-in billing and support tools that put you in control. Our system gives you all the tools your customers need.

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Don't settle for 15%-20% sales commissions. Grow your business faster with the white label platform that allows you to achieve margins up to 70% - allowing you more control of your business.

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About us: RingLogix offers a white label VoIP platform - RingOS - that enables Partners to sell, provision, invoice, and support their own branded VoIP and UC services. We make becoming a VoIP provider easy with a managed VoIP switch, instant order activations, hassle-free number porting, multiple services, and a flexible billing system.

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