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Remote Selling Tips for VoIP Resellers

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We live in a world where you can buy a car online and have it delivered to your door.  Where you can get a mortgage without ever speaking to anyone. Where the typically preferred method of contact is hardly any contact at all!

Telecommunications is the key to the future of sales but making the sale without physical interaction poses as much difficulty in telecoms as in other industries.

With traditional sales models, remote selling is tough. Leveraging RingLogix's advanced features makes remote selling a breeze! The powerful flexible pricing and turn-up model as well as the streamlined business support system combined with proven sales methods is key to unlocking successful remote sales.

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Know Your Client

Know Your Client (KYC) is a phrase often used in the finance industry but can be applied to any sales strategy. By learning all there is to know about your prospective client you can tailor your sales approach to their specific needs.

You should know what business your prospect is in before you even call, but do you know which CRM they use? Do you know what sort of phone system they use? Do you know their sales process? Do you know their target market? Do you know their marketing model? The more you Know Your Client, especially when dealing with selling without face to face interaction, the more likely they are to trust you, because you have actually given them a reason to!

Ask More Questions

Along with knowing your client, you want to engage with Question-Based Selling. What you ask, and how you ask it, is often the key to making a great sale. Let your prospect know that you actually care about their situation. You want to know their struggles and their victories. That way you have a full understanding of how they function, what works for them, what does not work for them, and what points you can focus in on. 

This can all be done virtually, through the use of emails, blogs on your website, or even a chatbot.

Ask more questions and make fewer statements. For example, instead of stating something like "we're better than our competition because we care," you could ask your prospective client: 

  • How easy is it for you to get someone on the phone when you have an issue?
  • Are you satisfied with the response time of your current service provider?
  • How frequently are you experiencing issues like dropped calls, no audio, or lagging?

This gets them thinking about their experience and pain points - and gives you something to follow up on in.

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Simplify Quoting and Billing

One benefit of the Know Your Client process is getting the quote close to right the first time. When you have asked all the right questions, in the right way, it takes the guesswork out of the quotation. This allows for not only a prompt quotation process but also makes your prospective client more likely to sign because they know what to expect. 

When you are dealing with remote sales; prompt, accurate, and efficient should be the standard practice not the exception. With RingLogix quote tool you already have accurate data available, no wasting time trying to get your word document or spreadsheet just right. The built-in tool allows you to promptly turn around exact quotations and directly send them for E-Signature to your prospect’s inbox. Maximizing efficiency from start to finish of the sale process.

Once you make the sale, you should still provide virtual support. With RingLogix's integrated billing, the client can receive their bill automatically and set up auto-pay.

Use the Right Tool for Virtual Touchpoints

Remote sales come with many challenges, but it's also rapidly become the preferred method for many clients. We have already mentioned how knowing your client and using question-based sales can help you deliver a good virtual shopping experience - but what about after the sale? 

RingLogix can be activated on-demand from anywhere. Meaning the now converted prospect can make any service changes without worry of erroneous data! Better yet - both you and your clients can do everything virtually. If your client bought virtually, chances are they want to manage everything virtually as well. With RingLogix, it's easy.

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