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Remote Selling Tips VoIP Resellers

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Remote Selling Tips VoIP Resellers

We live in a world where you can buy a car online and have it delivered to your door.  Where you can get a mortgage without ever speaking to anyone. Where the typically preferred method of contact is hardly contact at all! Telecommunications is the key to the future of sales but making the sale without physical interaction poses as much difficulty in telecoms as in other industries.

With traditional sales models, remote selling is tough. Leveraging RingLogix advanced features makes remote selling a breeze! The powerful flexible pricing and turn-up model as well as the streamlined business support system combined with proven sales methods is key to unlocking successful remote sales.

Know Your Client

Know Your Client (KYC) is a phrase often used in the finance industry but can be applied to any sales industry as well. By learning all there is to know about your prospective client you can tailor your sales approach to their specific needs. One of the most concise ways to KYC is found within Question Based Selling.

What you ask, and how you ask it, is often the key to making a great sale. Let your prospect know that you actually care about their situation. You want to know their struggles, their victories. That way you have a full understanding of how they function, what works for them, what does not work for them, and what points you can focus in on. Pay attention to the phrasing of your questions, example given, ask “How familiar are you with ABC Company?“ rather than “Are you familiar with ABC Company?" Ask more questions and make fewer statements.

You should know what business your prospect is in before you even call, but do you know which CRM they use? Do you know what sort of phone system they use? Do you know their sales process? Do you know their target market? Do you know their marketing model? The more you Know Your Client, especially when dealing with selling without face to face interaction, the more likely they are to trust you, because you have actually given them a reason to!

Simplified Quoting

One benefit of the Know Your Client process is getting the quote right the first (or perhaps third if we are being realistic!) time. When you have asked all the right questions, in the right way, it takes the guesswork out of the quotation. This allows for not only a prompt quotation process, but also more accurate and much more efficient. 

When you are dealing with remote sales; prompt, accurate, and efficient should be the standard practice not the exception. With RingLogix quote tool you already have accurate data available, no wasting time trying to get your word document or spreadsheet just right. The built-in tool allows you to promptly turn around exact quotations and directly send them for E-Signature to your prospect’s inbox. Maximizing efficiency from start to finish of the sale process.

Remote sales come with a greater sense of distrust if not only from the fact that you cannot shake a person’s hand, though surely many other reasons as well. This makes it a bit more difficult to gain the trust of your clients. We have already mentioned how question-based sales can mitigate some of this lack of trust in the pre-sales process. But what about post-sales? RingLogix VoIP services can be activated on-demand without relying on manually entered data. Meaning the, now converted, prospect can make any service changes without worry of erroneous data!

Accurate and Easy

While the on-demand, automated service activation ensures accurate data on orders on a grand scale telecoms billing can be some of the most confusing for the end-user.  Between the varying taxes, metered vs monthly charges, and general lack of comprehension of industry terminology many clients may be weary of every invoice. With RingLogix no guesswork billing approach the client can receive their bill without stressing out over accuracy. The billing process is integrated with varying systems and completely automated, providing the most accurate billing data possible.

Despite endless effort to automate and offer the greatest levels of transparency and accuracy, there is always a chance of something falling through. Rest assured with RingLogix no-nonsense approach to support you can rest easy. The 24/7 call quality monitoring provides insight into every call, every time. When an issue does come up the tools are already in place to troubleshoot with a data-based approach not going back and forth with painstaking testing. This method allows client relationships to continue along with the trust that was already built-in the sales and on-boarding process. Making your clients life-long partners rather than one time exchanges.
If you'd like to learn more on the RingLogix process and platform can improve your sales, watch our 90-second video and let's get the conversation started today!

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