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RingLogix Unveils RingOS 2.0: A Groundbreaking Update to its White Label VoIP Platform

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We are thrilled to share some groundbreaking news with you. RingLogix, a leading provider of white label VoIP & UCaaS solutions, is proud to announce the highly anticipated release of RingOS 2.0. This major update to our next-gen platform brings a wave of innovation and transformative features that are set to revolutionize the way Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients experience communication technology. With a new macro service architecture, a forthcoming app marketplace, and a refreshed user experience, RingOS 2.0 delivers faster releases, shorter QA times, a growing partner ecosystem, and an engaging experience for MSPs and their clients. Moreover, it offers a solid foundation for MSPs to scale and grow their revenue. Join us on this exciting journey as we reshape the future of communication technology and empower MSPs to thrive. Welcome to the new era of RingOS 2.0!

Accelerating Innovation with Macro Service Architecture

The macro service architecture in RingOS 2.0 marks a significant advancement in the field of VoIP solutions. By adopting this new architecture, we have enabled accelerated feature releases and reduced QA time, empowering MSPs to quickly respond to market demands. This technological breakthrough allows MSPs to adapt and evolve at an unprecedented pace, enhancing their service offerings and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Streamline Operations and Maximize Efficiency with the RingLogix Marketplace

RingLogix unveils its innovative marketplace, revolutionizing operations for Managed Service Providers and ushering in a new era of efficiency and profitability. By seamlessly integrating RingOS, their proven service delivery platform, with a wide array of other solutions, the marketplace empowers MSPs with enhanced business automation, streamlined revenue collection, and a seamless quote-to-cash process. MSPs now have access to a centralized hub that combines powerful features for quoting, provisioning, billing, and support, eliminating the need for disjointed systems and time-consuming manual tasks. With the marketplace, MSPs can optimize their operations, reduce costs, and unlock new levels of efficiency, ultimately delivering an exceptional experience for both MSPs and their clients. The RingLogix marketplace represents a significant leap forward in simplifying and streamlining the management of multiple solutions, enabling MSPs to thrive in today's competitive market.

Enhanced User Experience with a New UI

One of the key highlights of RingOS 2.0 is the introduction of a new UI that provides an overall upgraded and engaging experience. We understand the importance of a seamless transition for existing users, so we have designed the new UI to incorporate modern aesthetics and enhanced usability. MSPs and their clients can now navigate the platform effortlessly, resulting in improved productivity and ease of use. We believe that a user-friendly interface is instrumental in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Albert, CEO of RingLogix, on the Power of RingOS 2.0

Albert, the CEO of RingLogix, expressed his excitement about RingOS 2.0, stating, "RingOS 2.0 will not only enhance the way MSPs operate but will also drive meaningful change within the entire Managed Service Provider landscape. Its innovative revenue-driving features and advanced capabilities will enable MSPs to break barriers, streamline operations, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success." This update is poised to revolutionize the way MSPs deliver their services and create new avenues for business growth.

Continuing Commitment to Excellence

At RingLogix, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our partners. Albert expressed his sincere gratitude to the exceptional team at RingLogix for their dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to excellence. He also extended his thanks to our partners for their trust and support throughout this journey. Rest assured, RingLogix will continue to innovate, evolve, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations, enabling our partners to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

About RingLogix: Empowering MSPs with White Label VoIP Solutions

RingLogix is a leading provider of white label VoIP solutions, empowering Managed Service Providers to deliver reliable, feature-rich communication services. Our focus on innovation and exceptional customer experience sets us apart in the industry. We offer a comprehensive suite of VoIP solutions that drive growth and success for MSPs in the telecommunications industry.

Experience the Power of RingOS 2.0

To learn more about RingLogix and the groundbreaking RingOS 2.0, please visit our website at We are excited to partner with MSPs and help them unlock new possibilities in delivering superior VoIP solutions to their clients.

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