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Tips for Selling Cloud-Based VoIP Services

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Whether you're an IT specialist looking to make some extra money, a current Managed Service Provider, or just someone who wants to branch into selling VoIP services - this article is for you!

You don't have to be a great salesperson to market your VoIP services - you just need to know what to offer and what to say. We've got you covered.

White Label, Don't Resell

Before you can sell any VoIP services, you need to decide if you want to resell for one of the big guys or go out on your own. If your goal is to have the highest revenue possible, we recommend white labeling. There are a few key reasons why:

  1.  Having your own brand makes you top of mind for your customers - they'll more likely remember the name of the company they work with for VoIP, not necessarily the specific people. That can make branding yourself under a larger brand a bit more tricky.
  2. You control the pricing if you white label - a no-brainer for setting better margins.
  3. Quoting is a lot faster when you can use your own tools instead of needing to run through partner programs. This makes it a lot faster to get quotes out and avoids losing potential clients who don't want to wait weeks for a quote.

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Offer Everything

Well, "everything" being any UCaaS, VoIP, and PBX solution you can offer. If you offer solutions beyond basic VoIP - like  hosted call centers, video conferencing, Microsoft Teams integration and SIP trunking - you then become the go-to for your customers. Being the go-to means you get more business and more revenue streams. It also avoids the headache of having to work with other MSPs who may also be gunning for a bigger slice of the pie from your clients.

And the good news is that all of these things are easy to offer if you're using RingLogix.

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Make It Scalable

Just like you want to grow your business and revenue, so do your potential clients. When comparing VoIP systems, often they're looking for something that they can add to instead of having to purchase an entirely new plan. You'll want to keep this in mind and make it a selling point when speaking to potential clients. Emphasize not only how easy it is to add more users to your system as a company grows, but also how you can save them time and headache in the now.

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Be The Expert

This should be the easiest because you already know how to run a VoIP system - but your clients don't know the ins and outs. And you can be there for them. This is where you can truly stand out against the big brands.

When your clients have questions or run into issues, they don't want to be sitting on hold for 30+ minutes trying to get through to someone who won't even really solve their problem. If they work with you, they have an expert right at their fingertips - and one who is a lot more invested in solving their problems than a massive company.

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Use the Right Platform

Ok, so this is where have to get a bit sales-y, but it's also the truth: the best way to sell yourself is with a powerhouse behind you where you can run everything. Not just the technical aspects of VoIP, but also managing your customers, billing them, and sending quotes. Which is everything we offer through RingLogix - an all-in-one platform that lets you quote, activate, bill, and support your own Unified Communication and Voice services.

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Don't settle for 15%-20% sales commissions. Grow your business faster with the white label platform that allows you to achieve margins up to 70% - allowing you more control of your business.

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About us: RingLogix offers a white label VoIP platform - RingOS - that enables Partners to sell, provision, invoice, and support their own branded VoIP and UC services. We make becoming a VoIP provider easy with a managed VoIP switch, instant order activations, hassle-free number porting, multiple services, and a flexible billing system.

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