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How You Can Become A VoIP Reseller In A Few Easy Steps

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How You Can Become A VoIP Reseller In A Few Easy Steps

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol ) has become something that many people have heard of, yet probably do not fully understand. At the highest level, VoIP means better services at lower costs. So how can businesses hop on the VoIP train? That’s where a VoIP reseller comes in. A reseller partners with a service provider to sell VoIP services to their customers under their brand instead of the service providers'.

As a reseller, you are able to use the commercially supported backend of your service provider, while owning the customer facing aspects of your business – all under your brand! At this point you might be saying this all sounds great!

So how can you become a VoIP reseller

Let’s take a look at some general steps to running your own VoIP business.


Step 1: Understanding What a VoIP Reseller Business Should Look Like

It is important that you or your team has a basic understanding of or prior experience with VoIP. You or your team should also understand basic networking and how gateways work with voice switches. As a VoIP reseller, you will need to know or have an idea of how you want to package and sell the services you offer. Additionally, knowing what your competition offers and what they charge helps you develop a business that will stand out.

Selling VoIP services is like selling something everyone wants and most everyone needs. That means your customers could look very different from each other. They could be small businesses, non-profits, mid-sized, and even enterprises. They could be schools, doctors’ offices, car dealerships, or lawyers. Even so, the best VoIP resellers will focus on specific verticals or niches and become experts in that area. Don’t make the mistake of trying to be everything for everyone.

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Step 2: Choosing a Service Provider

While there are many different service providers to pick from, you should pick one that has all that you want to offer. For example, call center features, Unified Communications features, and even an integrated billing solution. More importantly, make sure that their service is reliable, that they let you handle the customer service, and that they are able to train you on all their services and features.
Don’t settle for low margins and no control over your customer’s experience. After all, the point of becoming a VoIP reseller is to help your business grow and improve your revenue. If you choose a service provider that offers you low margins, how can your business and revenue grow? If your service provider is the one owning the customer experience, how will your business improve customer loyalty?

Moreover, be careful not to choose a provider’s platform that has you jumping through hoops to make a sale. If you don’t control your pricing and packaging, then you’re just like every other VoIP reseller. Additionally, if you have to go through a bunch of different portals and platforms to quote prospects and turn-up new customers, you’re risking possible data integrity issues and increased human errors. Not to mention, running a severely inefficient process that takes much longer than it should. Rather than no control and endless hoops, choose a service provider that gives you everything you need to successfully sell VoIP in a single pane of glass platform.

Step 3: Know Your Market

Businesses across the globe are converting their communications to the cloud. As a reseller, you need to narrow your core demographic. Instead of selling your services nationally, you might want to go local or regional and grow a core group of clients before expansion.

Step 4: Keep Control of Your Business, While Increasing Your Margins

With RingLogix, you get a better user experience for you and your customers. Forget about low margins! Your money is almost quadrupled, because RingLogix gives you a platform where you can quote on demand, whenever you want, at any price you want. More importantly, you’re representing your own brand, your own company - not someone else’s company. With RingLogix, you control your guidelines and you dictate your future.

Looking to learn more? Give us a call for a no-pressure conversation. We would love to show you how you can massively improve your margins as a VoIP reseller, while keeping control of your business. Fill out the form below to start the conversation today!
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