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White Label vs. Traditional VoIP Reseller Services

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White Label vs. Traditional VoIP Reseller Services

If you’re a technology reseller that has stumbled onto this article, you likely fall into one of two camps: either you're seeking information on how to best offer cloud VoIP services to clients for the first time, or you're fed up with your current VoIP provider and are looking for an alternative.

Whichever it is, I want to convince you why white label VoIP services are the way to go. A white label VoIP reseller program like that offered by RingLogix versus traditional programs like those offered by Nextiva or your local telco provider provide more advantages for you as the reseller.

In this article, we're going to explain those advantages by first showing what RingLogix can offer that’s the same as a traditional VoIP reseller program.

We’ll then move on to point out what's different between them -- and how common pain points can be alleviated when opting to partner with the best VoIP reseller program.

White Label vs. Traditional VoIP Reseller Services

What’s The Same:

A key similarity between both types of VoIP reseller programs is that your customer will not lose anything from a service or feature perspective. This includes features such as user presence, video conferencing, chat and mobile app operability. It’s everything your clients are seeking from an enterprise-grade UC perspective offered through a single-pane-of-glass management platform.

As a RingLogix reseller, you can sell multiple, feature rich, VoIP and UCaaS solutions like hosted PBX, hosted call center, audio conferencing, SIP trunking, IP fax and more.  There’s also the peace of mind that RingLogix leverages the same highly-resilient and carrier grade cloud platforms used by some of the largest Telco’s in the world.

That means that the same scalability, geo-redundant reliability and professional support you find in retail VoIP offerings are virtually identical – if not superior -- with RingLogix.

What’s Different:

Now that you understand that you’re losing nothing when choosing a white label VoIP reseller program from RingLogix, let’s turn our attention to what can be gained. White label partners will undoubtedly notice greater control over service branding, quoting, pricing, activation and support. Let’s break down how each of these solves common pain points often associated with selling

1. Deliver VoIP Services Under Your Brand

No matter if you’re a managed service provider (MSP), or traditional technology integrator, your job should be to market and sell your brand, not someone else’s. When you sell retail branded business VoIP, you’re stuck having to sell their pre-packaged VoIP services and branding – which often leaves you looking like a middleman with no additional value to offer.

But with white label VoIP, you integrate your company’s own unique brand, first level of support and integration expertise into the hosted services you’re selling. That places you much closer to the customer who can see and appreciate the added value you’re bringing to the table.

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2. Pricing Control

The next obvious benefit of selling white label cloud VoIP services is control over pricing. As a RingLogix partner, you’re provided with clear, upfront wholesale pricing where you get to choose how to bundle and price services to your end customers. This is opposed to negotiating prices and fixed service bundle options with a business VoIP platform sales rep. Because of the no-hassle and low-cost pricing model, most RingLogix partners enjoy 60-70% profit margins for sales quotes both small and large. This is compared to the 10-20% commission rates commonly collected when reselling traditional VoIP services.

Additionally, partners are provided built-in tools to create professional-looking online sales quotes. Customers can review and accept quotes in seconds as opposed to hours or days. Automated invoicing and collection tools make billing a breeze. This includes the ability to accept credit card payments using a variety of online payment services including, PayPal and Braintree.

Ultimately, these services translate into faster sales and payment collection cycles, putting money into your pocket faster and with little management overhead.

3. Quote To Active Customer In Seconds...Not Days Or Weeks

Speaking of speed, the time from quote to an active billed customer with RingLogix is seconds.  New customers can have their VoIP services up and operational in a matter of minutes as opposed to weeks.

In situations where customers are porting numbers from a different carrier, RingLogix treats you, the partner, as the port request initiator on your client’s behalf. Doing so eliminates the headaches and delays acting as a go-between when authorizing port requests and scheduling the migration with the losing carrier.

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4. Transparency

Greater visibility and control over your customer’s VoIP services are also superior when you become a RingLogix white label VoIP reseller. All RingLogix management tools were designed with multi-tenancy in mind. That makes it easy for partners to administrate and control an unlimited number of customers from a single dashboard interface.

From a troubleshooting perspective, partners have access to far more advanced monitoring and troubleshooting tools as well. For example, the RingLogix Call Quality Monitor performs packet captures on every call running across their cloud infrastructure. This capture data can be viewed by all partners to help them see exactly what’s happening to a call from a latency, jitter and packet loss perspective. With this information, a MOS score is then calculated and displayed providing an industry-wide reference number confirming the quality level of any call.

This level of call performance visibility is commonly hidden from partners using traditional VoIP reseller programs or even non-existent to internal technicians.

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5. Compatible With Brands You're Already Using

Lastly, white label cloud VoIP products are far more vendor-agnostic when it comes to end-device interoperability. There's no need to order new hardware.

RingLogix, for example, is compatible with all major SIP-capable phone hardware vendors and systems. This gives partners the much-needed flexibility required to satisfy customer needs in a wide variety of business verticals

Which is Better: White Label VoIP or Traditonal Reseller?

The Choice is Clear: White Label

If you’re looking for a way to offer enterprise-grade cloud VoIP and collaboration services - yet want to maintain control over branding, pricing, visibility and flexibility - white label services like those offered by RingLogix are the clear choice. It offers everything legacy reseller VoIP programs provide while also allowing you, the customer’s trusted partner, to better manage and control positive VoIP service experiences.

If you’re ready to start offering business VoIP and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) to your clients - or if you’re tired with the limitations, slow response times and low commissions from legacy reseller programs - be sure to give RingLogix a look. 

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Don't settle for 15%-20% sales commissions. Grow your business faster with the white label platform that allows you to achieve margins up to 70% - allowing you more control of your business.

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About us: RingLogix offers a white label VoIP platform - RingOS - that enables Partners to sell, provision, invoice, and support their own branded VoIP and UC services. We make becoming a VoIP provider easy with a managed VoIP switch, instant order activations, hassle-free number porting, multiple services, and a flexible billing system.

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